Brand Value System

Brand core

Perfection · Ambition

We will keep offering perfect automobile products to consumers by sticking to the brand core of perfection and ambition.

  • Elaboration
    This is a positive attitude of always trying to be better,
    keeping challenging higher goals, and surpassing competitors and ourselves, and enjoying this.
  • Exquisiteness
    This is our constant pursuit for perfect quality.
    We set high standards and practice a perfection-pursuing culture.
  • Wonderfulness
    This is our commitment to a better life,
    and what we ultimately work for. We measure our success with feelings of people (our customers and employees).
  • Harmony
    We are tolerant,
    and recognize and equally treat partners, customers, employees, etc. of different countries, ethnic groups, races and classes. Employees can also respect each other’s differences, identify with each other, and establish good cooperation and trust.
  • Breadth
    Our employees have a global vision.
    We have established an international system for business operations, management and behavior, and a code of standard, and are also responsible for the environment of the planet on which we live.
  • Contribution
    We are clear about our social position and responsibility,
    and would do everything in a responsible manner despite of difficulties to create a good business ecology.

Brand Vision

Being true to the original mind and pursuing excellence

The future is shaped by ingenuity and geniuses. For people who value product quality most, this is an important task requiring constant innovation by following user needs closely. GAC has been making high-quality automobile products with craftsmanship, maintaining a keen insight into consumer needs, and contributing to greater mobility, industry progress and social development through innovation and lean production.

In the future, GAC will keep developing higher-quality automobile products and customized mobility solutions based on user needs to create better mobility experiences.

Brand Positioning

Mobility value creator

We will make high-quality automobile products with our longstanding craftsmanship, discover new opportunities quickly with a keen insight into consumers and markets, and contribute to greater mobility, industry progress and social development.

Brand Proposition

We create value for our consumers, employees,

partners and investors, the industry and the general public ingeniously

and wholeheartedly.

We create value for our consumers, employees, partners and investors, the industry and the general public ingeniously and wholeheartedly.

Brand Slogan

Crafted by the Driven

Insisting on the brand slogan “Crafted by the Driven”, GAC Group has constantly upheld the unremitting pursuit of superexcellent quality for many years and makes every effort to provide customers with excellent automobile products and services. With grand layout and far-reaching ambition, GAC Group remains true to its original aspiration and continues to provide consumers, clients and the entire industry with more innovative value.